Wutt Ye Tun

This is Wutt Yee Tun. I am really pleased to attend the school ” Green River Community College”. The housing is really suitable for Myanmar people and they all are so warm to us. They also so kind as my family. You all must like when you come to here for all the new students. Thanks you for the kindly service Myanmar Telesis.

Moe Thit Aye

Firstly, I’d like to thank whole Myanmar Telesis Education Service staff for the assistance you provided me. I received your package today; a USA Education  Guide. I read that and found very informative. By your positive response, I feel that Myanmar Telesis Education Service will be proved as more helpful to me, in order to select a suitable US state College for me. I’m very much hopeful from you in the future. Thank you once again.

Thet Tun

“Looking back, I can see Myanmar Telesis was extremely helpful and a stepping stone in my career because they give me advise to study in USA at Greenriver Community College.
“GCC” was my first American education experience. There, I was able to develop my communication skills and also increase my personal confidence before starting my university life.“